Absolute Title’s Services

Closings may seem confusing and complicated, but Absolute Title helps to make everyone comfortable with both the process and the outcome.


Let us help get your deal closed, so you can get back to having fun.

Title Insurance

Absolute Title provides title insurance covering residential, commercial and development transactions in Washtenaw and the surrounding counties, and in some circumstances throughout Michigan. Initially we conduct an examination of the real estate records at the applicable Register of Deeds office to determine who owns the property to be sold or refinanced and what, if any, liens or encumbrances affect the property. Based on that examination we will issue a commitment to insure, which basically acts as a blueprint for the closing. It sets out the current ownership of the property, the requirements that must be met for us to insure the new buyer, lender, or both, and any items that will remain as exceptions from coverage on the title insurance policy. We will issue the policy after the closing has been completed, requirements met, and documents recorded. The policy will be issued on one of our three national underwriters (chosen based on which provides the most favorable rates and coverage for you).

Title Searches

If you do not need title insurance but have questions about title to property, Absolute Title can provide a title search to answer those questions. Searches can be done for a variety of reasons and in a variety of styles, from a “last deed of record forward” to “search in commitment form.” If you have specific information needs, give us a call and we’ll discuss the most efficient way to provide that information at the most competitive price.


Most Michigan closings are conducted with all parties at the table. We love to have people come in for closings, see our facilities, and share their stories. Closings can be confusing and complicated, but we do our best to make everyone as comfortable as possible with both the process and the outcome. Absolute Title’s closing fees are reasonable ($150 for refinance closing, $200 for cash or land contract, and $450 for a sale with new mortgage) and we don’t charge a lot of “junk fees.”

Document Preparation

Part of the complication of closing is the myriad documents that are required or requested. We can prepare the closing packages and related transfer documents. Scott Broshar, our attorney, can prepare the legal documents necessary to transfer title. Again, we think our fees for document preparation are among the most reasonable out there.


We hold escrows for any number of reasons. Most often funds are deposited as earnest money and the buyer and seller prefer that we hold those funds as a neutral third party. We can also hold escrows arising from closings, such as final utility bills, repair or completion, deeds pursuant to land contracts, etc. Generally, if we’re doing the title work and closing the transaction there won’t be fees for the escrow work.

For Sale By Owner

If you’re going to try to sell your property without the assistance of a real estate agent, we have materials and resources to help.

Construction Monitoring

We work with owners, builders and lenders to ensure that construction projects progress as smoothly as possible. Most of our construction monitoring is done on behalf of the lender pursuant to the lender’s title insurance policy, insuring construction draws. We are prohibited by underwriting guidelines from insuring owners during construction, but we may be able to assist in reviewing sworn statements and lien waivers.